Confidence Training

Learn to 4WD

The majority of damage incurred to 4 Wheel Drive vehicles comes from inexperience, over confidence or just plain negligence.  This can all be managed through 4WD confidence training. Learn to 4WD at our Multi-million dollar purpose-built driving training facility.

The aim of this specialized program is to make participants familiar with the characteristics, capabilities and limitations of their 4 Wheel Drive vehicle. 

It is beneficial that the 4 Wheel Drive training Program be completed after the completion of a defensive driving program, as most 4-Wheel driving is done after reaching a destination by sealed roads.

The cost of the 4 Wheel Drive Program is $363.

Wading & Fording
This segment covers obstacle appreciation, vehicle preparation and safety issues concerned with water crossings.

Obstacle Negotiation
This segment covers various driving techniques required to negotiate a range of man-made and natural obstacles with safety and regard to vehicle sympathy.

Basic Vehicle Familiarization & Maintenance
This segment covers the drivers responsibility to maintain the vehicle in a safe operating condition to save costs and inconvenience. It will also familiarize participants with the features unique to their own 4 Wheel Drive vehicle. Workplace Health & Safety issues will also be covered.

Stall Start Recovery Procedure
This segment concentrates on how to safely recover a vehicle from a slope in a controlled manner having consideration for vehicle sympathy.

Ascents & Descents
This segment covers how to read terrain and safely negotiate steep inclines and declines. It also covers approach and departure angles, ramp angles and side slopes.

Sand Driving Techniques
This segment covers the 4wd confidence training techniques required to negotiate soft sand crossings and beach driving.

Basic Vehicle Recovery
This segment covers the safety precautions in the use of a snatch-um strap. It also involves a practical recovery of a bogged vehicle using a snatch-um strap. If participants vehicles are fitted with a vehicle mounted winch, the use of the winch and ancillary equipment and safety precautions will be shown and explained. The use of hand winches can also be covered.

We Make New Drivers Good Drivers and Good Drivers Better

Great, helpful and relevant

“Great, helpful and relevant. Instructors didn’t ‘talk down’ to anyone – even regarding ‘stupid’ questions. Best day I’ve had in ages!”

SG, Sydney, Age 23 Female

Very friendly and supportive instructors

Very, very friendly and supportive instructors! Give yourselves a gold star!”

EH, Victoria Point, Age 17 Female

More aware driver

“Was given to me as a gift – very valuable. In fact, possibly invaluable! Experience has made me a more aware driver who endeavours to now be a ‘defensive driver’.”

JH, Hawthorne, Age 19 Female

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