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Q. How much does the program cost?


A. The cost of the Driving Management Australia Defensive Driving Program at the Mt.Cotton Driver Training Centre is $340.00. The cost of the 4WD Program conducted at Mt Cotton is $400.00 + GST. Regional costings POA.



Q. Do I have to use my own car?

Yes. It will help you understand how your own vehicle will react in an emergency situation.



Q. Is there a speed limit on the program?

Yes. The speed you will do on the program is set by your individual instructor but will not be any faster than 80 kph as this is the maximum speed allowed on the Mt. Cotton training centre.



Q. Will I become a rally driver?

No. The aim of a Driving Management Australia Defensive Driving Program is to highlight to you the dangers of travelling too fast for the conditions & having a vehicle out of control.



Q. What benefits will I gain by attending the program?

By attending a Driving Management Australia Defensive Driving Program you will be better prepared to be able to control your motor vehicle in the case of an emergency situation arising. You will have a better understanding of the conditions that can affect driving & what to do about them.



Q. Will there be any benefit to my insurance?

Some insurance companies may offer discounts if you have completed a Defensive Driving Program, however you will have to contact your insurance company and check.



Q. How do I pay for the program.

When you book your program with Driving Management Australia we will hold that position for seven (7) days. If we have not received payment within that time we will open that spot up again.



Q. Does offer Special Occasion Gift Certificates (ie Christmas, birthday etc.)?

Yes, Driving Management Australia has Certificates for all special occasions.



Q. Is there an expiry date to the certificates?

Yes. Your certificate expires twelve (12) months from date of issue.



Q. Who else can take advantage of this program?

A. Any person who has a valid drivers licence.

Q. How do we arrange group bookings?

A. All bookings for Driving Management Australia are organized by John Black. One phone call to our office on (07) 3820 2077 and you will be on your way.



Q. Can I share a car?

Yes. The maximum number of participants per vehicle is two (2).



We Make New Drivers Good Drivers and Good Drivers Better

I have learnt so much in this course!

Everyone should be made to do this course. I have been driving for 10 years and have learnt more today then in those past 10 years. The instructor was excellent, easy-going, and helped to make me a more capable driver.”

WT, Carindale, Age 28 Male

You may have saved a life!

“Thanks for an awesome day. I will definitely have a lot to take with me for the rest of my driving years. You may have saved a life!”

BH, Morayfield, Age 18 Male

Handling different situations

“The whole program and day was excellent. I have learnt so much and it was great that my instructor was able to make so many suggestions as to ways to handle different situations that may arise.”

RB, Karana Downs, Age 56 Female

Ready To Book

We offer tailor-made programs for corporate and individuals, and we will always endeavor to cater to your individual driver training requirements.