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Our Defensive Driving Course – On Road Driving Skills

The most dangerous element of driving is the driver. Even the most experienced driver can respond wrongly in the vital seconds before an accident. Mastering the techniques of defensive driving demands confronting hazardous situations in a controlled learning environment. Once you have learned these on road driving skills, nothing can replace the reassurance they offer both to you and your passengers. Our Defensive Driving Course has been running for over 20 years, making drivers safer.

Our one-day practical program is designed to give you a thorough grounding in the skills and attitudes required for difficult driving conditions and emergency situations. The program is not only educational but also very enjoyable. You will learn how to be more aware of the capabilities and limitations of you and your vehicle in both wet and dry conditions. Participants use their own vehicle for this program, though we can arrange one for you at an additional charge.

The cost of the Defensive Driving Course is $330.

Driver Seat Adjustments & Posture

One very important but often neglected factor of driving is how you actually position yourself in the motor vehicle. You must be in a position to be able to control a motor vehicle in an emergency situation. This segment covers improving the drivers all round vision and ensuring greater control of the vehicle. These adjustments will also help reduce driver fatigue.

Emergency Braking & Steering Manoeuvres

This segment covers the techniques needed to bring a vehicle to a controlled stop in an emergency and to be able to steer around an obstacle whilst braking on various wet and dry road conditions. In regional areas, dirt braking is also covered. Conventional and ABS braking is covered.

Emergency Hazard Avoidance

This segment highlights that the higher the speed the more unstable the vehicle becomes. This segment also reinforces the need to be aware of your surroundings and your possible escape options if an emergency situation arises.


Skid Recognition & Control

Skidding can occur at any time and results in loss of control of the motor vehicle. Skidsmay be controlled, however preventing a skid is the best defence against skidding. Accidents and near misses attributed to skidding may never have occured if drivers had had a better understanding of the causes of skidding and better knowledge of what to do when a skid developed.

Basic Vehicle Maintenance

For your safety and the safety of others, it is your responsibility to maintain the vehicle in a safe operating condition. This will also help to reduce costs and inconvenience. This segment also covers Workplace Health & Safety issues.  Overall is will improve your on road driving skills. 


Total Stopping Distance & Time Lapse Formula Demonstration

This segment demonstrates the distance required to stop a vehicle at varying speeds. It also covers the use of the Time Lapse Formula to maintain a safe following distance. The use of mobile phones, road rage and other driver attitudes and behaviours are also discussed.

It opened my eyes up alot to the dangers of driving

“I will recommend this course to everyone I know. It opened my eyes up a lot. Instructors were good – good value. I was made to take this course for court and I’m glad I did!”

JM, Buderim, 17/M

The course was very helpful

As a young driver, I found that all of the course was very helpful. I feel that my skills have improved definitely – thanks.”

DL, Mansfield, Age 18 Male

Thanks guys!

“It was all informative and very interesting to know. I know I’ll be a much safer driver having done the course. Thanks guys!”

NT, Clayfield Age 27 Female

We Make New Drivers Good Drivers and Good Drivers Better

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